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The Job Of An Event Organizer

After organizing the small birthday parties at home and your family weddings, you have decided to take your hobby and turn it into a business. Here is what you need to know about taking the responsibility of an organizer.

What is event planning?

The title itself provides the answer to the question. However, this job includes not only planning, but also executing. You might be planning someone’s 1st birthday party or even a company’s 50th anniversary. All this work will include the client’s needs and requirements to perfect the big event. Event planners are hired due to their expertise in the field and also because the individual organizing the event may lack the time, capacity and knowledge to plan it. You can visit this site https://redtieband.com.au/ to know a good band that can entertain your guests throughout the event. 

Qualifications and requirements

If you want to be the best at what you are doing, not having a degree or diploma won’t stop you. But, in today’s competitive world, a certificate would come into good use. There are online course that aid to this. You may also work under an event planning group, under a wedding planner or corporate entertainment planner as an apprentice/assistant and gain experience or even start on your own for free to build a profile. If you have a degree in hospitality management or hotel management, it would be a good start.

What are your roles?

Your roles would depend on whether you are specializing in a certain event or working for general events. Whatever it is, you will be expected to plan everything from before the start of the program till the last guest leaves. Timing and organization must be on top of the list in whatever your team does. Sometimes your work will include the job of a corporate entertainment in Brisbane where you will organize sound systems and seating arrangements and the other times it might even be sending out invites, calling for last minute flower arrangements and sewing up a brides torn button as well. Always have a schedule on paper and printed out for your team and clients. Prior to the event, having a discussion with your clients about the day is necessary. Being prepared is key to this occupation. Your role is to act as a trustworthy stranger on the job!

Earning status

The average income of an event planner is around $44,225. However, this would depend on your reputation and skills in the industry. Generally, event planners try to work around the budget of their customers. The highest income is earned in corporate and wedding events. This also would vary depending on who your client is.

As the start-up costs for this occupation would incur a lot of expenses, it is safe to say that after completing around 3-4 events, you will have it back in your pocket in no time. Nevertheless, keep in mind that any job done with dedication will bring you much more than a good salary.