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Planning Your First Baby Photo Shoot

Have you just had a baby or perhaps you’re expecting! Congratulations! One thing’s for sure you’re going to want to schedule a baby photo shoot in those first weeks to remember your little one’s first days later on in life. We suggest that you start planning as soon as possible.

Timing is everything!
You don’t want a crotchety baby at a photo shoot! Make sure that you schedule your shoot for a convenient time – preferably soon after baby’s nap, which will ensure that your child is well rested. Also make sure that they have been fed before the shoot for as we all know, hungry babies are grumpy babies. Also, make sure that you’ve had enough rest and take some time to treat yourself to a long bath and get dressed up! Have snacks and water on hand, keep some hand sanitizer and wet wipes easily accessible to wipe down surfaces, props and sticky hands and faces.

Props and Shooting Locations
You may like to check in with your local photographer on what party photographer Melbourne they offer.

Most photographers offer special rates for baby shoots as part of the DJ hire Melbourne that they offer. It is likely that they will have a great deal of experience and will be able to suggest some interesting locations outside of your house. They will also often bring along some propos like a cute bassinet or soft pretty blankets that they might like to use. They are also often open to incorporating your own ideas – baby’s favourite soft toy or pacifier perhaps. You may also like to have some balloons or streamers on hand – they will add character to the pictures and will also help distract baby!

Getting Dressed
While you will definitely want both yourself and baby to look your best for the photoshoot, remember that babies are messy. Prepare yourself for spit up and drool on your clothes and bring along or keep ready a change of clothes. Stick to a simple colour palate – have everyone where blue and white or wear stripes. It’ll make getting ready a breeze and will also make it easy to switch clothes around in the event of an eventual messy accident.

Finally remember that this shoot is about capturing the first few weeks of your baby’s life. If baby refuses to wake up have the photographer take some shots of him or her sleeping. While you might like everything to seem picture perfect, it’s likely that you will treasure every single moment of those first days including the messes. Most importantly have fun and be ready to improvise on the basis of baby’s needs.