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Ride Away To Your Heart’s Content

Published / by Abbie Sheppard

Celebrating a special day along with your loved ones, does not necessarily call for the entirely futile process of waiting in line to at least get to sit on your favorite ride. Amusement parks are like the wonderland that we want to visit at least once in our lives. The entire land area is somehow clustered with happy faces, few electronic devices and gigantic rides, from which we can hear the panic-stricken screams of the fellow visitors. Although, the process of waiting in line is what helps you to get ecstatic when you actually get to sit on these metal rides, but what if we could remove all the waiting time and give you and your loved ones an opportunity to be glued to your seats of these rides and go on for as much longer as you would want?
Are you wondering on how to make your party entertaining?

Amusement rides are the words you have been looking for, weren’t you? Oh well, they are indeed available. Now, you can plan an absolutely amazing time for your loved ones and gift them the opportunity to have the best time of their lives. With the rides, what you can hire are the sounds and the lights that goes along with these rides, because where is the fun without them? Think beyond those bouncy castles, because now you can hire the scariest of the rides of your choice and throw the party that no one would ever forget, with the amusement rides for hire.
How much does it pinch your pocket?

All these plans seem to be a little far-fetched, does not it? You must be under the impression that these will pinch your pocket and is clearly something which you will never be able to afford, right? What if your conceptions were wrong? These best amusement rides for hire are available at much cheap pricing and they are priced in such a way, so that anyone could afford them.

Pamper your loved ones

Get over those dates where you would take your loved ones out on those boat rides or for those silly walks through the park, because we all know that you have had enough. Hire those gigantic rides and renew the love vows with a little hint of adventure, a dash of ecstatic enthusiasm and of course the fresh air, lashing on to your face and you cutting through those refreshing air at a speed which is way faster than what you can fathom. Go on, we know you want to, hire away to your heart’s content and give your loved ones, the amazing opportunity to have a day which is out of the ordinary and which no one had done for them, ever.

Planning Your First Baby Photo Shoot

Published / by Abbie Sheppard

Have you just had a baby or perhaps you’re expecting! Congratulations! One thing’s for sure you’re going to want to schedule a baby photo shoot in those first weeks to remember your little one’s first days later on in life. We suggest that you start planning as soon as possible.

Timing is everything!
You don’t want a crotchety baby at a photo shoot! Make sure that you schedule your shoot for a convenient time – preferably soon after baby’s nap, which will ensure that your child is well rested. Also make sure that they have been fed before the shoot for as we all know, hungry babies are grumpy babies. Also, make sure that you’ve had enough rest and take some time to treat yourself to a long bath and get dressed up! Have snacks and water on hand, keep some hand sanitizer and wet wipes easily accessible to wipe down surfaces, props and sticky hands and faces.

Props and Shooting Locations
You may like to check in with your local photographer on what party photographer Melbourne they offer.

Most photographers offer special rates for baby shoots as part of the DJ hire Melbourne that they offer. It is likely that they will have a great deal of experience and will be able to suggest some interesting locations outside of your house. They will also often bring along some propos like a cute bassinet or soft pretty blankets that they might like to use. They are also often open to incorporating your own ideas – baby’s favourite soft toy or pacifier perhaps. You may also like to have some balloons or streamers on hand – they will add character to the pictures and will also help distract baby!

Getting Dressed
While you will definitely want both yourself and baby to look your best for the photoshoot, remember that babies are messy. Prepare yourself for spit up and drool on your clothes and bring along or keep ready a change of clothes. Stick to a simple colour palate – have everyone where blue and white or wear stripes. It’ll make getting ready a breeze and will also make it easy to switch clothes around in the event of an eventual messy accident.

Finally remember that this shoot is about capturing the first few weeks of your baby’s life. If baby refuses to wake up have the photographer take some shots of him or her sleeping. While you might like everything to seem picture perfect, it’s likely that you will treasure every single moment of those first days including the messes. Most importantly have fun and be ready to improvise on the basis of baby’s needs.

The Job Of An Event Organizer

Published / by Abbie Sheppard

After organizing the small birthday parties at home and your family weddings, you have decided to take your hobby and turn it into a business. Here is what you need to know about taking the responsibility of an organizer.

What is event planning?

The title itself provides the answer to the question. However, this job includes not only planning, but also executing. You might be planning someone’s 1st birthday party or even a company’s 50th anniversary. All this work will include the client’s needs and requirements to perfect the big event. Event planners are hired due to their expertise in the field and also because the individual organizing the event may lack the time, capacity and knowledge to plan it. You can visit this site to know a good band that can entertain your guests throughout the event. 

Qualifications and requirements

If you want to be the best at what you are doing, not having a degree or diploma won’t stop you. But, in today’s competitive world, a certificate would come into good use. There are online course that aid to this. You may also work under an event planning group, under a wedding planner or corporate entertainment planner as an apprentice/assistant and gain experience or even start on your own for free to build a profile. If you have a degree in hospitality management or hotel management, it would be a good start.

What are your roles?

Your roles would depend on whether you are specializing in a certain event or working for general events. Whatever it is, you will be expected to plan everything from before the start of the program till the last guest leaves. Timing and organization must be on top of the list in whatever your team does. Sometimes your work will include the job of a corporate entertainment in Brisbane where you will organize sound systems and seating arrangements and the other times it might even be sending out invites, calling for last minute flower arrangements and sewing up a brides torn button as well. Always have a schedule on paper and printed out for your team and clients. Prior to the event, having a discussion with your clients about the day is necessary. Being prepared is key to this occupation. Your role is to act as a trustworthy stranger on the job!

Earning status

The average income of an event planner is around $44,225. However, this would depend on your reputation and skills in the industry. Generally, event planners try to work around the budget of their customers. The highest income is earned in corporate and wedding events. This also would vary depending on who your client is.

As the start-up costs for this occupation would incur a lot of expenses, it is safe to say that after completing around 3-4 events, you will have it back in your pocket in no time. Nevertheless, keep in mind that any job done with dedication will bring you much more than a good salary.